Proclamation on behalf of Derrington Millennium Green Trust and the people of Derrington by Penkridge Town Crier, Bevan Craddock, in front of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal on Friday 15 December 2000.


Your Royal Highness, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

The people of Derrington bid you a warm welcome.

When this piece of land became available to buy two and a half years ago it was just a field...cattle grazed here. Now it is a Millennium Green.

The Green boasts an orchard created from early native English fruits -- and nuts. There is a pond - now three times its original size. It has two wildflower meadows grown from the seeds harvested in Mottey Meadows, a local, important Site of Special Scientific Interest. There are over twelve hundred trees and shrubs of various kinds. It is rich in wildlife

But for some initial re-grading of the land and the pond enlargement, all this work has been carried out by a volunteer force of local people, working almost every weekend and sometimes in the week achieve what we have here before us -- a perfect "breathing space".

There have been grants of course, and advice too; but a lot of the funding came from the villagers themselves -- and that is as it should be...for this is Derrington's heritage to pass on to future generations.

Your Royal Highness. May I now, on behalf of the Derrington Millennium Green Trust, call upon you to unveil this permanent sign and thus name this place for all time . . . . . .


Copyright © Derrington Millennium Green Trust 2000

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