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Overseas Visitors to Penkridge


If you are visiting Penkridge, perhaps to see relatives, and need accommodation, we have the Mercure Hatherton House Hotel and the Bridgehouse Hotel.  The Littleton Arms Hotel can also offer bed and breakfast accommodation and has also a Restaurant. These are listed on our Accommodation page and are highly recommended..

I am trying to persuade one or two more people to cater for Bed and Breakfast and if you are unable to find suitable accommodation at any of the above, please feel free to contact me. 

Self-Catering Accommodation - Details of the Coach House Holiday Cottage (Self-Catering), in the centre of the village near the Church, can be found on the Accommodation page.    

There is also a self-catering flat available but it is not yet being advertised.  However, if there is anyone out there who is perhaps coming to work in Penkridge who is looking to permanently live here, and wishes to rent this furnished, completely self-contained flat for a short period, then send full details to the webmaster at the above address.  I have seen it and it is of a very high standard.   It would also be suitable for a couple or small family to rent if they wished to use Penkridge as a base for a holiday in the area or visiting friends or relatives in Penkridge who can't accommodate them. 

If there is anyone else in the Parish of Penkridge who is able to provide Bed and Breakfast, please contact me if you would like further information.  Penkridge is geographically centrally situated in the UK and has excellent links to many places, both business centres and leisure facilities.   We get lots of people passing through our community and many who are looking for reasonable priced b&b accommodation.   

There are two registered Camping & Caravan Club Certificated sites in the Paris which are listed on the Accommodation page.  They are situated within a very short distance of Junctions 12 and 13 of the M6 motorway.  Ideal places where campers and caravanners can break their journey.

Of interest:  If you log on to the BBC Web Site (said by many to be perhaps the best web site in the world) - and use their own SEARCH ENGINE (not taken over by advertisers as many are), and you put "Penkridge" in for a search - guess what -  is at the top of the list.

And the search engine also throws up this web site at the top of the list too.

Penkridge was once the "Capital of England" - the people who live and work here now still feel it is.  We are ideally situated for exploring this part of the country or simply stopping for a rest on a longer journey north, south, east or west.   You will find us all friendly, helpful and generous.  Drop in and check us out!

We particularly welcome foreign visitors to our community.  In recent times we have had American's staying here, an Italian Gentleman came for a weekend to attend a Horse event at Rodbaston College and we regularly get our friends from Ablon sur Seine in France with whom Penkridge is twinned.