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Events Diary (continually updated)

Community FORUM

Each of the following subjects has a link to another section or site where you will find full information.  If you would like to suggest another subject heading, or add an organisation, business, club, sport, etc. FREE to any of the pages on this site, then please contact the Penkridge Webmaster.  Corrections to content will also be welcome.

Events Diary - What's On in Penkridge - Check regularly & send details of your events to the Webmaster

Penkridge Parish Council - formed in 1894; our elected Local Council that "looks after" Penkridge and it's people. Latest NEWS

Current Issues in Penkridge important news, proposals, developments & issues currently affecting everyone in the Community of Penkridge.
Accommodation Hotels, Guest Houses but only two Bed & Breakfasts.  There is a demand!
Eat and Drink in Penkridge All 22 Restaurants, Pubs, Cafe's & take-aways.  Wonderful chish & fips!
Shopping in Penkridge details of ALL our shops in the community, large & small. If you know of others please tell me!
Business, Industry, Commerce and Trades large & small.  Find a local electrician; plumber; builder; decorator; appliance repairer; car servicing; tree surgery; swimming instruction; music, dance & theatre teaching, etc. Are you listed?
Contact the webmaster for a FREE entry.  Business Association
Professional Services Accountants, Architects, Banks, Building Societies, Consultants, Insurance, Library, Marketing, Music, Dance & Theatre; Opticians, Solicitors, Surveyors & Estate Agents, Undertakers, the Vet. Any missing? Contact the webmasterBusiness Association.
Health in Penkridge Health links to NHS Direct plus details of our Medical Practice, Clinics, Carergroups, Opticians, Pharmacy, support, etc.     New Health Centre WEBSITE.  You can order repeat prescriptions online here.   Patient Link
Where is Penkridge? this will tell you exactly where Penkridge is in the UK & several maps will help you find us. This page being changed.
Camping & Caravanning in Penkridge The Monckton Recreation Centre can be hired by Caravan Clubs for weekend meets and Wolgarston High School can also offer similar facilities.
Does any other local landowner offer camping and caravanning facilities in the parish? 
Charities, Voluntary Groups, Societies and Clubs We have over 100 organisations in our community. Who would have believed it!  Who is missing?  Send the webmaster details.  Have a look at the page to see what information is required.
Morris Dancing Stafford Morris Men still dance in Penkridge parish even though some of their ancestors were arrested 350 years ago in 1655 for misdemeaning.  What about forming a Penkridge group as our history goes back so far!
Childcare Play, pre-school and Nursery,  Mother & Toddler, Out of School groups and clubs & CHILDMINDERS..
Sport & Leisure football, cricket, tennis, badminton, bowls, golf, swimming, rugby, darts and more.  Tell me!
Transport from Penkridge this link will take you to timetables for Trains, Buses, Taxi and Car Hire.
Voluntary Car Scheme can you volunteer to help OR do you need help because you can't use public transport.  Contact the Co-ordinator on 714386 for more information
Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal is a waterways highway through our community bringing hundreds of visitors a year to Penkridge.
Wildlife in the Parish A Wildlife Diary - and you are asked to contribute your observations.
Sites of Nature Conservation Importance A list of Grade 1 and Grade 2 Sites of Biological Importance in and close to Penkridge Parish
History of Penkridge back to the Romans & earlier, a rich modern history too.  Robert Maddocks whets your appetiteIf you are interested in the wider history of Staffordshire click here.   For TimesPast in Penkridge, click here
Scheduled Ancient Monuments A list of Scheduled Ancient Monuments in and close to Penkridge Parish
Penkridge Civic Society voluntary-run charity that looks after our community's built heritage & much more. Join today!
Monckton Recreation Centre a voluntary run indoor & outdoor recreation centre owned by the community & available "for hire"
Peace Memorial Hall Penkridge's main Village Hall, owned and run by the community and also for hire.
Haling Dene Centre the Parish Council's community owned building, home of many community groups.  You can get married and have your reception in this old building set in superb grounds.
Penkridge Town Crier this traditional post goes back to the early 1600's in Penkridge and continues today.
Education in Penkridge Wolgarston High, Penkridge Middle, & First Schools - Marshbrook, PrincefieldSt. Michaels.
Rodbaston College formerly Staffordshire's College of Agriculture, now part of South Staffordshire College
Penkridge Market our famous ancient outdoor market which attracts thousands - Farmers and Antique Markets also held regularly.  See Diary of Events for dates.
Religion in Penkridge St. Michael's Church, Methodist Church, Roman Catholic Church and other denominations
Swamp Conservation Group A voluntary group set up to monitor and conserve the wildlife of this important habitat and open space between the Grange Road Estate and St. Michael's Close.  Group Newsletter - information on some management changes at the Grange Road Open Space - click here
Twinning Association Penkridge is twinned with Ablon-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris, France.  Ah Oui!
Millennium Project Everyday life in Penkridge at the end of the 20th century - a Civic Society Project -  BUY THE CD.
Police, Fire & Ambulance Community Police Post now at  Haling Dene Centre. Railway Police details too.
St.John Ambulance.  Red Cross.  Local Action Team
Penkridge Email Directory if you would like to be included, then let the Webmaster know. 
Penkridge TOWN? Are we a Town? Some people think we always have been. The debate begins - read this.

Links to other Community Websites, help lines and other useful information -

Brewood & Coven

Lapley, Stretton & Wheaton Aston

Dunston & Coppenhall



Pete Fellows' Penkridge on the Web

Environment Agency (EA)


If you are considering buying property in Penkridge, then check first with this site to see if there are any environmental problems

Staffordshire's Fostering & Adoption Web Site

The Renewable Way

Community Council of Staffordshire

South Staffordshire CVS

South Staffordshire District Council

Staffordshire County Council

Member of Parliament

South Staffordshire Housing Association




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Reading Room Renovations Grand Opening in November

For more images click here


Crown Bridge Junction

click on above for proposals on which you are asked to comment

Education - Schools, College
Wolgarston High School
Penkridge Middle School
Marshbrook First School
Princefield First School
St. Michael's First School
St. Leonard's First School, Dunston

Childcare (including Out of School Clubs, Nurseries, Pre-School Playgroups, Childminders)

Rodbaston College including
Penkridge IT Centre

Wolgarston Students on their way to Gold D of E Awards


Sport and Recreation

Football, Cricket, Tennis, Bowls, Golf, Rugby, Darts, etc.
Monckton Recreation Centre

Peace Memorial Hall
(the original Village Hall in the centre of the community)

Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal


Aged between 13 and 18 years?
Penkridge Air Training Corps. invite you to consider trying them out. For FULL Details, including pictures, click here

Voluntary Groups, Societies
Clubs,  Charities
Over 100 - all needing support and which provide essential services to us all - the young and elderly especially - can you spare an hour or so to help?

SEE Change in Penkridge
(A Major New Project in our Community)
Sustainable Development -
the only way forward

Some scientists disagree with the global and UK predictions for climate change




Transport within, to & from Penkridge - Timetables for Trains and Buses. Taxis and Car Hire

Voluntary Social Car Scheme
Drivers needed urgently
Concessionary Travel


Religion in Penkridge -

including Methodist Chapel and St. Michaels Church

Remembering Penkridge People

Do you know someone you would like remembered?

Five Marriage Venue Choices in Penkridge - Haling Dene Centre, Quality Hotel, Rodbaston College, Methodist Church or St. Michael's Church

Stay Healthy in Penkridge

Click this link for Health Services in our Community


Order Repeat Prescriptions ONLINE

Health Centre,  Opticians,
Foot Care, Carer Groups, NHS Direct.
Helplines, Accessing Medical Records
CPPIH - Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
Your Local PPI Forums

and Forum contacts

Keith Burton and Macmillan Cancer Relief in Staffordshire.

Wildlife in the Parish

Wildlife diary

Sites of Wildlife Importance


3 Species of Dragonflies seen over pond in new Burial Ground


History of Penkridge
Books and leaflets

Fragments from the History of Penkridge 
An Online History of Penkridge
The Open Fields of the Cuttlestone Hundred
Penkridge - the Capital of England?

Lord Hatherton's Diaries published
Scheduled Ancient Monuments
Penkridge Civic Society
Thomas Brassey - Railway Builder
Lord Hatherton and the Railways 

A Vision of Penkridge through Time  1801 to 2001 including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions