History of The Mill on the Teddesley Road, Penkridge - by Robert Maddocks

The Mill on Teddesley Road has a long history.   So far, research has revealed that there was a Mill on this site as far back as the 14th Century - well over 600 years ago - maybe even longer.  

Ownership of the mill was one of the chief (and much resented) perks of being Lord of the Manor.  The Mill therefore passed to Sir Edward Littleton when he bought the manor off Lord Willoughby de Brook in 1749 and then down eventually to the Lord Hatherton's.    As yet, we are not sure who acquired it from the 4th Lord Hatherton.   

The list of Millers who have occupied the mill and past owners of the mill are as follows: 

In 1086 there was a mill attached to Penkridge manor.

Two mills in Penkridge were repaired in 1172 and 'broc' mill was mentioned at some time between about 1225 and 1259.

John was the Miller in 1381

By 1598 three water-mills called Penkridge Mills were leased by the lord of the manor to a James Southall.

Robert Lord Brooke granted the mill of Penkridge in 1626 or 1627, to Lady Katherine Russell who married Robert, his cousin and heir.   Robert was holding the mill when he died in 1643.  His son Francis was suing a Richard Tomlinson and his wife Ellen for suit and service belonging to the ancient mills of the manor in 1658, and Francis's brother and heir held two mills in Penkridge in 1662.

By 1754 there was a mill to the east of Bull Bridge on the site of the present mill.  William Smith was the miller.

Penkridge Mill was rebuilt in 1764.*

It was in use as a rolling-mill between at least 1827 and 1832 but was probably a corn-mill from at least 1834.

John Croydon was the miller from 1835 1868 with 21 acres, 158 rent

Edward Croydon was the miller in 1872

George Nagington was the miller from 1884 1897

Nagington and Co. (W. Barker)  were the millers from 1912 1925

Nagington and Co. (J.W.Bradford) millers from 1926 1939

It was sold by the 4th Lord Hatherton in 1938, (and became Penkridge Roller Mills Ltd. from 1939-47) - the owner in 1956 being Mr. Horace Bottomley.

*Penkridge Mill is a three-story brick building of the late 18th century. The undershot wheel was removed in 1939, and the mill pool was filled in during the Second World War with waste soil from the army camp in The Marsh.

By 1956 electrical plant had replaced the older gear.

The Mill House, about 100 yds. to the south, is a small double-fronted brick house dating from c. 1830. It has a trellis porch and ornamental glazing to the casement windows.

 Sources: VCH and The Shops, Businesses and Trades of Penkridge by R. Maddocks 2009