Penkridge Peace Memorial Hall





Penkridge Peace Memorial Hall is set in the heart of the village in Pinfold lane and was built in 1926.  It is a registered Charity No 522711 managed by a Committee dedicated to providing a meeting place for various events throughout the year.  Organisations or individuals can hire the hall.

The interior of the hall was refurbished in 2006 and now features the open beam structure and captures full natural light from the dormer windows with additional modern electric lighting using a suspended twin wire system with dimmable side spots. The hall also has colour changing led strip lights and a laser pattern generator to give a nice ambiance for parties etc when needed.


We need to recruit new members to the Committee to ensure that this valuable village facility continues to be such a great asset, any one interested please contact the Chairman Mr Derek Green 01785 714164 email 4thegreens@gmail.com