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Would you believe it? - Read on for a fascinating true story of how, when things go wrong, they sometimes go really wrong!  And it all happened in Penkridge - just outside our Railway Station - in July (2002).  This is re-printed (with acknowledgement to The Railway Magazine) from their September 2002 issue.

Class 221 failure causes huge delays

One of the lengthiest series of delays recorded in the privatised era occurred on July 3 after a Class 221 failed at Penkridge, between Stafford and Wolverhampton.

The train which triggered the chain reaction was the 14.35 Manchester Piccadilly-Birmingham New Street, formed of Virgin "Super Voyager" No. 221109, which came to a stand with brake failure at around 16.00.

After the driver had tried to release the brakes and effect the "fault and failure" tasks, it was decided to send the following Voyager, forming the 15.10 Liverpool-Poole, to assist in the rear, but this had little effect on the problem.  At 17.30 it was attempted to split the sets and re-couple in emergency mode.  This was done but at 18.55 the staff on site were still unable to move the combined trains.

By now they had been at a stand for two hours 40 minutes, so it was decided to launch the Rugby "Thunderbird" No. 86212.  This ran light to the scene via Bushbury Junction, but did not arrive on the front of the train until 20.45.  Then, after the Voyager's emergency coupler had been attached to the Class 86, it was discovered that the two coupling faces would not marry together!

Among the services stranded behind the failed train were the 09.15 Aberdeen-Plymouth, the 14.02 Holyhead-Birmingham and the 14.33 Edinburgh-Birmingham.

Walking Planks

Eventually trains began running back towards Stafford, but it was not until 38 minutes before midnight that the Aberdeen train was back there ready to depart via Nuneaton to Birmingham - more than seven hours late.

The failed Voyager, meanwhile, was still stranded.  With engines switched off, there was no ventilation or air-conditioning, no working toilets and the buffet had run out of food and drink.  At 21.45 it had been agreed that passengers would have to be taken off and a highly unusual authorisation was given for the 19.42 Euston-Wolverhampton to be run alongside and for people to be taken off by walking them across planks into the DVT!

By 22.10, this operation was ready to take place - but it was then aborted as members of the press arrived and were looking on.  Consequently, a further hour elapsed before de-training began.  In keeping with the luckless nature of the day's events, no sooner had the passengers being taken off than it was announced that the Class 86 had finally been attached to the Super Voyager.

The rescue train finally arrived at New Street at 00.25 - approximately eight hours late!  The 200-plus passengers were given road transport to their final destinations.

As for the 09.15 Aberdeen-Plymouth, that finally arrived at Birmingham 469 minutes down and was terminated at Bristol 8 hrs 12 min late.  Its passengers were also offered road transport to their final destination.

Full financial compensation was also provided by Virgin, which apologised and promised a full inquiry.

A large bird was later found wedged in 221109's roof-mounted electrical equipment.