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Penkridge and Acton Trussell Voluntary Social Car Scheme

Co-ordinator:    Adina Howlett -  but Adina is not well at the moment and so will you please

contact Keith Burton (Tel: 714386) weekdays booking only 9am to 4pm


Chairman:  Bevan Craddock, 44 Haling Road, Penkridge, Stafford. (Tel: 712733)

Hon. Treasurer:  Mrs D Craddock - Other Officers & Committee:  Betty Ellis, Keith Burton

This scheme was set up several years ago to provide a public transport service to those in our community who are unable to use trains and buses and who have no access to a car.   It is particularly aimed at the elderly and less mobile members of our community and the sort of journeys the scheme can be used for are:  

Visits to the Clinic and Surgery in Pinfold Lane, Penkridge.   Visits as an out-patient to Stafford, Cannock, New Cross, Stoke on Trent Hospitals;  Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham; Manor Hospital, Walsall, etc.   Visiting patients who are in hospital or in a Nursing Home.    Shopping, post office and library visits.   In fact, any journey where you would, if you were able, use public transport.  

A Fare Table is operated and you will be charged according to the mileage from your home to your destination and return.  You will not normally be charged for "light" mileage, i.e. the driver's mileage to and from your home, but if the driver has to return home and then come back to collect you, we may have to make an extra charge.   Cash is accepted in payment of the fares.  (Travel tokens are no longer being issued or accepted).

If you believe you are eligible, then contact the Co-ordinator (Keith Burton at the moment as Adina Howlett is not well - Tel: 01785 714386 between the hours of 9am and 4pm on WEEKDAYS only) for further details of the scheme and to enquire whether it is possible for a driver to give you a lift. (We cannot guarantee we can provide a vehicle and driver, but we will always do our best).  The drivers we use are approved by the Scheme and their Car Insurance covers them for carrying Voluntary Car Scheme passengers.  You must give us as much notice as possible (preferably 7 days) of your intended journey, date and time so we can do our best to find a vehicle and driver.  

But please note, we are not a substitute for the Ambulance Service.  People using our service must be able to get in and out of the vehicles themselves (
a friend or relative may accompany them at no extra charge to give assistance).  It is not normally possible to take wheelchairs but can usually be accessed at most hospitals.

All our Drivers are volunteers (who only get the running costs of their vehicle re-imbursed).  They are not nurses or first-aiders and are not required to do more than collect you and drive you to your destination and back home againThe fare collected by them will be handed to the Scheme - no tips should be given to the driver but the scheme will accept a donation which will help run the service. 

Be prepared for the Co-ordinator to ask you questions about your eligibility to use the scheme.  Insurance and safety issues means we are having to be much stricter in conforming with the eligibility criteria laid down. 

The Scheme is run under the rules and guidance laid down by Staffordshire County Council who, until recently, did occasionally give us a small Annual Grant to help subsidise the scheme.   Penkridge Parish Council support the service and have given us financial support in the past when we have needed it.  At the moment (2019) we are just about covering our costs.

We also urgently need additional Volunteer Drivers.  If you have a car and could offer to help, even only occasionally, then please contact  Keith Burton by phone on 714386.   The more volunteer drivers the Co-ordinator has to call on, the better it is for everybody.

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